By simply reaching your customers at the right time with the right message.

  • "$6,000 weekend sales, we are only allowed to do takeout and delivery at our restaurant and I never expected to do so good after sending a couple of text messages to my customers."

                         -Fernando A., GM of Fiesta Taqueria, 

  • "36 additional tickets, on our weakest day. It's game changer. I've been with Splango since 2012 and their system is more valuable now than ever."

                           -Mark H. Taco Del Mar 

it's so simple 

The average person looks at their phone 150 times a day.

If you want to remind your customers to visit your restaurant again you need to REACH them on their phone.


Customer database

You need tools that quickly builds your customer list that you can market to via text message. Tools like the Splango Kiosk app, web sign up forms and QR codes will help you build it effortlessly.

Customer engagement 

SMS has taken over email as the most effective means of communication. Splango gives you the tools to reach your customers via SMS and connect with them to drive increased visits and sales.

Best marketing tool we ever had. We did $600 more a day on our first text message blast. I like that I have

a lot of control on when I want to boost my sales, so we can be prepared


Jon Deluzio 


It takes 3-4 visits to turn a customer into a loyal patron. With Splango it's an automated process. We are capturing customers data and reach out to them frequently to visit our

stores more often.


Germain Harris

Beau Legs Fish&Chips

We had 45 customers coming in on Monday after we sent a text message blast. Splango has become a part of our operation and is helping to grow our brand and sales.



Hayley LaRocue

Painted Plate

Customer Engagement 

Text message with the 98% open rate is the best form of communication today!

  • SMS (text message)

    Text message with the 98% open rate is the best form of communication today!

    Reach your customers  with automated pre-scheduled messages, or send a blast anytime with a mobile offer or event reminder.

  • Birthday Club

    Customers spend an average of 70% more on their birthday.

    You can have an automated text message sent to your customers on their special day


  • Reviews

    "A one star rate increase can lead to 9% increase in revenue"

    Intercept negative reviews before they go online

    Get more positive Google & Yelp reviews!


  • MMS (text with image)

    Send images, videos via MMS (multi media message) to bring your engagement to another level.

  • SMS Newsletter

    You can have your special event flyer created and sent via a text message directly to your customer's phone,

    Track all the clicks you get on your landing pages and find out what your customers are interested about.

  • Smart Messaging 

    Automated texting makes it effortless to stay in touch and build relationships with your customers!

    Send product- or service-specific messages based on your customer's preference.

    Send automated reminders.

    Send segmented messages based on customer group and activity.

Customer Database Building

Without a marketable customer database your engagement tools worth nothing.

Large Customer Database = Higher Revenue Increase 

  • Kiosk

    -Best database-building tool

    -Immediate SMS response and gratification  

    -Brand-specific design

    -No employee interaction needed


    You can run it in signup or frequency rewards mode, with many different kiosk options available 


  • Loyalty Rewards

    It's 10 times harder and more expensive to get a new customer to come back than an existing one.


    A smart incentive program doesn't simply build a large customer list for you, but instead focuses on turning one-time visitors into regular patrons of your business.

  • Website and Social Media

    Your website and Facebook page can build your customer list 24/7 with our simple signup page.


    Your website and Facebook page can turn into a customer list-building magnet.



  • Print

    Build a large marketable list is easy displaying your mobile signup page (QR code) on various print materials. Table tent, poster, takeout bags.


    Especially effective when you offer a  joining bonus or birthday reward!

Get your FREE iPad kiosk

This is what will take your database building to the next level. It's designed for you, automated, interactive and no integration or training required to deploy it. It's your brand, your customers. 

  • "Wednesday was our slow day, but since we are using Splango we turned Wednesday to one of our busiest days. 20K sales increase after 6 months just by engaging our customers."

                                                                Germain H. Beau Legs Fish & Chips

  • "It was easy to build a large database with the tools that Splango provides. We are running a Saturday SMS promo currently and consistently getting a 35% increase in our daily sales"

                                                                  Mark H. Taco Del Mar

  • "Customers love the kiosk, it's very easy for them to check in and it's instantly rewarding. Splango automatically reminds them to return to our coffee shop."

                                                                  Hallie, Topside Coffee

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